What is The Ultimate Remedy?

The Ultimate Remedy is a unique healing approach created by Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari, also known as Kakian Wali Sarkar. This audio recording leverages the power of sound and intention to address a wide range of physical, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical challenges. It has proven effective against various conditions, including coronavirus, AIDS, cancer, drug addiction, and emotional distress.

  Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari, also known as Kakian Wali Sarkar.

How to Use The Ultimate Remedy:

  1. Download the Audio:
  2. Find a Quiet Place:
    • Choose a serene environment where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Listen with Full Concentration:
    • Close your eyes and listen to the audio with complete focus.
  4. Perform the Water Ritual:
    • After listening, take half a glass of water.
    • Close your eyes and silently say “Allah,” “God,” or your chosen name representing your belief three times in your heart.
    • Drink the water in three sips with closed eyes.
  5. Frequency:
    • Listen three times a day—morning, afternoon, and evening(before sleeping)—for seven consecutive days, once in a lifetime.

Download The Ultimate Remedy Audio

Origin of The Ultimate Remedy

Ever since the Revelation of The Holy Quran

Ever since the revelation of The Holy Quran, the people of Islam are continuously benefiting from Its light and energy with the same intensity and effect. But how to get it?

Introduction of Makhdoom Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari (RA)

In our times, there came a very noble person from a notable Syed family, Makhdoom Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari (RA), whose initial research was on Music and Dhamaal Therapy. He was known as Baba Bukhari (RA) among his loving followers, who strongly believe that he is the real torchbearer for the distracted and those desperately looking for light and guidance.

Baba Bukhari’s Practical Approach

Baba Bukhari (RA) was a practical man who never asked people to do something unless he had done it himself. So he came out with a brilliant idea of curing all types of diseases through “The Quranic Radiations”.

The Power of Quranic Radiations

He (RA) said, “Every alphabet of Quran radiates light and energy in the heart and mind; provided it is listened to with deeper concentration”. He gave a practical demonstration and the results were fascinating.

The Demonstration

What did he do? He purchased the audio cassette of Surah “Al-Rehman,” a recitation of Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad. He (RA) gathered the people, directed them to close their eyes, asked them to empty their minds, and feel the presence of GOD. The cassette was then played, and everyone listened to it till the end with deeper concentration.

People’s Reactions

When he (RA) asked the people to open their eyes after the recitation had ended, the majority were weeping, whereas a few looked absolutely stunned; only tears could be seen coming out of their eyes. Then he served every individual with a half glass of water and said, “Close your eyes, go deep into your heart and then say “ALLAH” three times in the heart and then drink water in three sips with closed eyes”. They did so and when he asked them to open their eyes, everyone looked relaxed and comfortable. They had tasted sweet water, which in fact was normal tap water. Absolute concentration created harmony between soul and body, and all got connected to The Almighty and were eventually cured with His blessings.

Spreading the Message

Now the question was, how to deliver this message to the entire humanity. Thanks to the technology, which helped in spreading the message, the same idea for the betterment of mankind was given to Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

Television Broadcast

PTV instantly approved it, and a pilot programme with the title “Al-Rehman” was made by the Senior Programme Producer Syed Shakir Uzair (Waris-e-Qalandar).

He had earlier produced QASEEDAH BURDHA SHARIF, a programme which attracted millions of people and had the distinction to cure the most fatal of diseases; the paralysis. People still use this programme as a treatment for paralysis.

The Success of the Pilot Programme

The pilot programme (Al-Rehman) was a successful undertaking, which gave a new dimension to religious programmes. PTV approved the pilot programme, and the Series was launched in January of 2001. The programmes were recorded in different hospitals, villages, and cities and gained tremendous viewership. The programme also included the live expressions of participants.

Impact of Quranic Radiation

The Quranic Radiation gave new hope and life to the most dejected ones. The audience was provided with an e-mail account info@alrehman.com and telephone numbers for sharing their experiences. The entire experiment which was telecast covered more than 15,000 people of various ages suffering from different diseases. From headache to cancer, heart trouble to physical disability; the patients were contacted, treated, and cured by the grace of “ALLAH”. All this happened on the TV screen which really created new hope and brought people out of absolute dejection.

Scholarly Insights

The programme also included the expressions of the leading religious scholars from all over the country who added further flavour to the programme through multiple references defined in the Quran and Sunnah. The importance of Quranic Radiation was highlighted.

Doctor’s Testimonies

While doing the experimentation in the hospitals, the doctors also became a part of it, many of them had remarkable feelings. I remember a doctor saying, “we can only prescribe medicine, not the remedy. ‘Shifa’ is from ALLAH”. The doctors also gave references to the “Faith Healing” concepts being practised all over the world. The programme clicked and indeed it was the need of the time. Many hospitals installed an audio system and played the recitation of Surah “Al-Rehman”. The results were astonishing, the frequency of patients reduced, and the curing ratio increased, the dejected ones came to life.

International Broadcast

The programme was telecast for 6 months on the national network and was later shown on Prime TV Norway which covered a vast European population. The message continues to spread as people gather in different groups and benefit from The Ultimate Remedy.

Creator’s Message

The programme also included the message of its creator, Makhdoom Bukhari (RA), “The Quran is “Shifa”, I have taken Surah “Al-Rehman” because it has great rhythm and the recitation of Qari Abdul Basit is very soothing and effective as he has recited from the depths of his heart. The one who listens with deeper concentration, does get the benefit. All one has to do is to feel its revelation in one’s heart. Always feel the presence of GOD, never be the ignorant”.

Baba Bukhari’s Legacy

Baba Bukhari (RA) achieved what he had desired, a real service to mankind. A selfless human made worth of his life by giving a remarkable remedy to the sufferers and a guideline for the generations to follow. He did not charge a single penny from PTV for his idea and research. He believed, “Money is like a snake, it bites you and generates anxiety and depression. Once you become its victim, you are deprived of the precious wealth which is the peace of mind and heart”. GOD says, “All the Muslims are brothers of one another so help your brother at the time of need”. The Prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) said, “Choose only that thing for your brother which you prefer for yourself”. So Makhdoom Baba Bukhari (RA) said, “When you are cured, give this message to your brethren, they might be needing it”. This message is the continuity of the direction well defined in the last Sermon of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH).



(In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful)


{Ummi: In reference to the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW: He, who is taught by none other than Allah SWT


Peace and blessings be upon all adorers of Qalander Pak (RA).

Before we delve into different facets of the personality and spiritual life of Qalander Pak(RA), I deem it necessary to quash some misperceptions and baseless illusions concerning his date of birth, the day of departure to the final abode, the annual pilgrimage and heirship, so that all those who receive his(RA) enthralling benevolence and wish to know more about him(RA) can be enlightened with reality without any form of distraction and they spread the message of Surah Al-Rehman to despondent humanity with a measure of continuity.
Please remember!

Spreading the message of Surah Al-Rehman to dejected and suffering humanity with selfless devotion and utmost determination is the only sure way to express your love for Qalander Pak(RA).

The Birth (Qalandar Pak Baba Bukhari RA)

The actual name of Qalander Pak(RA), popularly known as ‘Kakianwali Sarkar’ {Meaning: Lord of the divine motherhood. It is a special trait that signifies selfless and pure love which has been bestowed by Allah SWT on the mothers (Kaki); and by virtue of this relationship it stands as the symbol of dedication, commitment, purity of love and affection for the humanity that beholds the blessed personality of Qalandar Pak(RA), and in metaphorical reference, earns him the title of Kakian Wali Sarkar RAis Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari(RA). He(RA) took birth in a wealthy Syed family {It is a blessed family with sacred bloodline descending from Prophet Muhammad SAWW} on Monday, the 6th of May, 1940 AD (as per Islamic Calendar: the 28th of Rabi’ul Awwal, 1359 Hijri) on the blessed soil of Village Dhudhi Thal, Tehsil {Town} Pind Dadan Khan located in District Jhelum. He(RA) is descendant of Bukhari Syeds whose lineage from several generations is linked to Hazrat Makhdoom Jalaluddin Jahan Gasht Suharwardy(RA) popularly known as Makhdoom Jahanian {Meaning: Jahan Gasht – Dweller of the World. Meaning: Makhdoom – One who is served or to be attended to by the servants and disciples of a specific Sufi order. He is expected to be the teacher and best proponent of the practices and injunctions of that particular Sufi Buzurg or the ascetic person on whose blessed place he is assigned the title of Makdoom}. Being the only son, his(RA) brought up was undertaken with extreme care and love. After obtaining his initial education from the village school, he(RA) graduated from Gordon College, Rawalpindi. His(RA) respected father Syed Gulzar Hussain Bukhari (late) was a polite and ascetic person and he spent a major part of his life in the following and servitude of famous Sufi Hazrat Syed Sher Ali Shah Qalandar(RA) and after his(RA) departure to the final abode {Wissal}, he served the visitors {pilgrims} and swept his(RA) Shrine for a great deal of time which is located in Qatal Garhi, District Kasur. During my personal meetings with him, his(RA) father always expressed his utter love and extreme passion for his ‘Murshad(RA)’ {spiritual guide or mentor}. In one such conversation, Shah Sahib narrated to me the incidence of severe and persistent fever during childhood of our Baba Ji (Qalandar Pak RA). In that severe state of fever, he said that he took him(RA) to Qalandar Pak Syed Sher Ali Shah(RA) whose blessed and loving gaze cured the fever of his son. He(RA) not only recovered from the ordeal but was blessed with the kind attention of Qalandar Pak Syed Sher Ali Shah(RA) who continuously smiled as he looked at Baba Ji(RA). Later, when Baba Bukhari(RA) was awarded blessings of spiritual and mystical order and he(RA) ascended to Masnad-e-Walayat {high mystical order or status granted to His chosen friends by Allah SWT}, it proved verily the fact that custodial eyes of Aulia-e-Allah SWT are witness to Muqaddarat-e-Ellahi {The Will of Allah SWT}.

Qalandar Pak Baba Bukhari’s (RA) Journey to the Final Abode {Wissal}

Taking the journey in the way of Allah SWT to the final abode, Qalandar Pak(RA) left this world on Tuesday, the 8th of February, 2005 AD (as per Islamic Calendar: 29th day of Zilhaj, 1425 Hijri). Since few people seemingly cast a doubt regarding the true date of Wissal, therefore it is ever more necessary to realize actuality of the event.

Qalandar Pak(RA) spent last remaining days with me and I deem it necessary to state that ever since 1999, he(RA) was desirous to permanently reside with me in Rawalpindi. In this regard, a big house was searched and selected for establishing Astana {a sacred place of gathering and worldly abode of friends of Allah SWT or Aulia Karam} as well as his(RA) permanent residence together with me. Later on, that disciple of Qalandar Pak(RA) who had searched the house sided away owing to his sheer envy to the idea of me living permanently with Qalandar Pak(RA) and cited landlord’s disapproval as the main reason. All this notwithstanding, whenever Qalandar Pak(RA) visited Islamabad, he(RA) also honoured me and graced my house by staying with me. Accepting his(RA) hearty desire to live with me! Allah Pak honoured this humble follower, whereby not only that Qalandar Pak(RA) passed most significant days of his(RA) life in my house, but his(RA) Wissal also occurred here. The 8th of February, 2005 was actually the 28th of Zilhaj in Islamic Calendar however, the time of his (RA) death came after Maghreb Prayers {fourth of the five daily prayers, offered after sunset} and therefore the date as per Islamic Calendar changed to the 29th of Zilhaj. It is for this reason the date of his(RA) departure as per Islamic Calendar is taken as the 29th of Zilhaj.

The Ailment of Death (Maraz-ul-Mout)

During third week of 2005, Kaki Ishrat Alia informed your Mom about the ill health of Baba Ji(RA) and that he(RA) was admitted in the ICU Ward of Ittefaq Hospital. At that time, while I was preparing to leave for the office, my Begum Sahiba opined that we head to Lahore, hence immediately without wasting any time we were on our way to Lahore.  The physician opined that he(RA) suffered from Cardiac Failure. I saw upon reaching there that putting on a oxygen mask, he(RA) was lying on a bed in ICU of the hospital. Looking at me and the Kaki, he(RA) gave a smile and removed the oxygen mask. He(RA) commanded all the followers gathered around him(RA) to leave and said to me, “Syed Baba draw the curtains and sit beside me”. After when I had complied as desired, he(RA) said, “All these so called knowledgeable people think that I am unwell or suffering from an ailment, whereas it’s not an ailment that I suffer from, rather it is the Maraz-ul-Mout {such divinely ailment that leads to death}, every other disease is curable but not Maraz-ul-Mout”. As for me, I was gasping and felt as if the whole earth had burst wide open. My whole existence got reduced to only the heartbeat and the state of incognizance had sapped the ability to think; my very existence seemed meaningless to me. There were no words to be found as for what it was. While my whole body and soul were in a state of utter shock, I realized that my ability to speak had been taken away. Meanwhile, Qalandar Pak(RA) began to speak on the subject of ‘Creation of Universe and its Very Purpose’ in a manner as though he(RA) was conversing with The Beloved Creator SWT. He(RA) spoke with such tremendous strength and dexterity on the greatness of Allah Pak, His Nature, forever existing and unmatched beauty and His ownership, which gave me control over myself and took me out of that state of amazement and helplessness and blessed me with sudden strength to feel and realize the eternal reality of truth and enlightenmentHis(RA) passionate expression of utmost love for Allah Pak signified the conversation between the true lover(RA) and the Beloved SWT and exposed the true meaning and reality of love. Hazrat Bayazid Bastami(RA) said, “I kept engaged in conversation with Allah SWT for 32 years while the people around me thought that I was talking to them”. This great blessing of kind intimacy was granted to all Ashab-e-Nooraniat {All such great people (Aulia Karam) who are blessed with divine enlightenment and who by the Will of Allah SWT act as a source of light or a beacon for the humanity at large}. During this conversation, I looked at him(RA) as though I was seeing him(RA) for the first time. In that moment of my sheer concentration, he suddenly called out,

“Syed Baba…..the order from Allah Pak for my return has arrived. The moment of joining The Beloved SWT is the greatest blessing in this universe and so, be it known that your Baba will soon leave this impermanent and temporary abode {Dar-e-Fani}”.

His (RA) Will {Wassiyat or Desire}

After this he(RA) said, “Syed Baba! As per my desire, the place outside Lilla Sharif, whereupon you got a plan made for constructing an ‘Auditorium’ for undertaking research work on Surah Al-Rehman, should be the place of my burial, and in case my family objects to it, then find a place in Kallar Kahar, and if you do not find any suitable place even there, then Syed be it your wish, bury me wherever you deem appropriate. Syed Baba you are my Waris {Spiritual heir or descendent in the lineage and in a particular Sufi order} and from here on Baba comes in your custody.” With shaking hands and shivery tongue, suddenly this was spoken by me to him(RA), ”Place your hand in my hand and close your eyes”. I do not know as to how long did it take; I could only hear a singular wish through my heartbeat, “O’Allah SWT! Bless my Baba with infinite strength and highest virtue of Ishq {unparalleled state of passionate love for Allah SWT} and prevent this distributor of the wealth of salvation and the one who brings life to languid hearts, from human dependency. O’Allah SWT! Bless my Baba with everlasting state of his Ishq, You are The All-Compassionate, The All-Merciful, The Generous, The Magnificient, The Only and All-Powerful, please grant Baba the infinitude of the Ishq. Despite a blurred memory, I know that it was like I stood in front of Allah SWT as a humble petitioner, and do not know exactly as to how long did that state last. In the meanwhile, the voice of an intensely loving Kaki {female follower or disciple} of Qalandar Pak(RA), Dr Memona Sahiba interrupted the course; she was saying, “Brother Shakir, am I seeing tears in your eyes, do you really weep too?”. On her pointing, I realized that my shirt was wet till the hem with tears. Qalandar Pak(RA), rather sternly ordered her to leave and said, “Syed Baba! Once again get into that similar focus”. It was a repeat situation for me again. I heard the voice that came through every pore of my body and soul, “My Gracious and Beneficent Lord! Grant my Baba the infinitude of the Ishq, keep him away from all forms of human dependency, O’My Owner, my Generous Lord, grant eternity to the Ishq of my Baba” …. During this time, my wife (Dr Erum) also came in and called out, “Baba Ji”. Qalandar Pak(RA) then said, “Syed, open your eyes, it is rejoicing, remove the curtains and tell everyone that Baba died long before and now Baba will never taste death again”.

مرن تھیں اگے مر گئے باہو تاں مطلب نوں پایا ھو

کیتی جان حوالے رب دے ایسا عشق کمایا ھو

“The taste of death had to be endured, come what may, but I chose to put an end to my worldly desires earlier, hence a death before the actual one. Only then did I realise the true perspective.
I have earned such intense state of Ishq and nearness of the Almighty SWT only through total submission of my body and soul to the Will of Allah SWT.”
Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA)

He(RA) then commanded that all doctors of the hospital must be gathered there, all curtains in the room to be put aside, everyone must be informed about Baba and the message of Surah Al-Rehman should be explained to all. And that is how all doctors and patients present in the ICU were enlightened on the bounties and blessings of listening to Surah Al-Rehman. This was followed by a session of Dua {Praying to Allah SWT}. In the evening, he(RA) said,”Syed Baba! Once again get into that similar focus”. Hence, once again I presented myself in the court of The Lord of Majesty with utter devotion and indulgence. A similar voice came out from every pore of my body, O’ my Owner, O’ The Creator, The All-Compassionate and All-Merciful, The All and Ultimate Powerful, O’ The Compeller, The All-Subduer, O’ The Gracious and The Magnificient Lord, You are the biggest witness of my Baba. This great friend of Yours dedicated every breath of his life for the cause of humanity and awakened likes of us whose hearts had been dead. O’ The Creator, please grant my Baba the infinitude of the Ishq and grant eternity to his IshqThen again, I do not recall as to how much time elapsed in that state, till when Qalandar Pak(RA) commanded me to open the eyes. It was like as if the energy and life had been drained out of my whole body, as though someone was heated and burnt out in a firey oven. After seeking his(RA) permission, I kept standing outside of the hospital and do not remember as to how many cigarettes did I puff. At around midnight when I sought permission to leave for the house, he(RA) said, “Syed Baba! get into the focus once”. I held his(RA) hand in my both hands and presented myself again in the Court of Allah Pak. I simply could not realize this time, I can only recall a slight impression that in the same rhythm, I myself alongwith Qalandar Pak(RA) were present in the Court of The Generous SWT. When Qalandar Pak(RA) asked me to open the eyes, it was 1:30 AM. He(RA) gave me the permission to leave and instructed, “Come back early in the morning after consuming the breakfast”. Next morning, I reached the hospital again and till upto the afternoon, on the desire of Qalandar Pak(RA), we went into that similar focus thrice. It was such a feeling of intense heat, as if the flames came from every hair and pore of my body. My whole body felt so light, just as it had not weight. An enormous and ecstatic feeling of satisfaction (Mauj-e-Bekraan), it was like moving above the ground. He(RA) gave me the permission to leave for Islamabad in the afternoon and said, “We shall now meet in Islamabad”. Having arrived in Lahore from Karachi after my departure, Dr Asad Gillani presented himself in the honour of Qalandar Pak(RA). Following the activity, he(RA) went to the house of Dr Javed but on insistence of Dr Hassam went to the hospital again for some medical tests. He(RA) phoned me from there and said, “Syed Baba! I have decided to present myself to the order of The Ultimate Judge. Your Baba has decided to depart. Now you stand as the heir of Baba and rest all who have already listened to Surah Al-Rehman should spread the message of Surah Al-Rehman”. After this phone call he(RA) returned to his(RA) house located in Bhaati Gate and said to his(RA) Begum Sahiba“Baba’s Visa has been stamped and Baba is leaving”. Early next morning, he(RA) moved to Lilla Sharif in the company of Dr Asad Gillani, Dr Javed, Dr Hassam and some other disciples. Here (in Islamabad), Dr Shehzad arrived at my place and I narrated to him the whole account of events. After taking permission from your Maa Ji, we reached the house in Sector G-11 where Mr Saleem Akhtar, Mr Qaiser Mobin and all others had gathered. They were the winter days; we decided to depart the house by 5 AM so as to reach Lilla Sharif by 7 AM; and it happened exactly so. Qalandar Pak(RA) carried the usual smile on his face, when we met him(RA); though signs of exhaution were ominous from the face. In the meanwhile I asked for a Palang (traditional bed) to be laid outside as the Sun had begun to shine and upon which Qalandar Pak(RA) lied down. After resting for a while there, he(RA) called me and said, “Syed Baba! go and meet the elder Bukhari Sahib (the father), prepare the environment, I will also join you later”. When I was sitting with his(RA) respected father, he(RA) also joined in along with Chaudhary Sehsar. He(RA) said (in native punjabi language) when the elder Bukhari Sahib inquired about the health, “Whatever The Almighty desired of me that has been done and now its time to return”. He(RA) meant to say that whatever work The Ultimate Owner wanted to take from me, He has taken that and now it is time to return to Him. He(RA) further said,”Baba can accept anything, but not hypocrisy”. The meeting with his(RA) father lasted for sometime in which Mansha Sahib and Farhat Shah Sahib were also present. He(RA) said to his(RA) childhood friend Chaudhary Sehsar when he(RA) got out, “Chaudhary! This happens to be Baba’s last visit to Lilla in living state and after this only Baba’s dead body will return here”. Chaudhary Sahib, in his fit of emotions could not control tears from falling down and he wept. Qalandar Pak(RA) said to him, “You need not weep, the whole sky would weep, instead”.

He(RA) left for Islamabad after the sunset to spend the remaining days of his(RA) life with me. (I will give out the account of these days in the later part).

We brought the sacred body of Qalandar Pak(RA) to Dhudhi Thal the same evening when his(RA) blessed soul departed on the eternal and heavenly journey. His (RA) father called for me early next morning to finalize proceedings of the burial. At that time, his(RA) sons, Syed Mansha Abbas Bukhari and Syed Farhat Abbas Bukhari were also present.

In view of sheer love and respect for his(RA) mother, his(RA) father initially decided to bury Qalandar Pak(RA) next to his(RA) mother’s grave. I then apprised the elder Bukhari Sahib regarding the Will of Qalandar Pak(RA). Meanwhile, Chaudhary Sahsar also arrived who also attested my statement and said, “Qalandar Pak(RA) also spoke to me likewise”. Listening to all this, his(RA) father nodded in acceptance and asked,”After him(RA) who will ascend and run his(RA) order”. Chaudhary Sahsar replied, ”Qalandar Pak(RA) told me that Syed Baba would be my Heir and strictly cautioned that no one was allowed to come in and intervene between him(RA) and Syed Baba; whoever did so would be at a loss”. Having listened to this fact, his(RA) father rose up and said to me, “Now it is incumbent upon me to rise in your honour”. After touching his knees immediately, I respectfully held his shoulders and requested him to sit. I vowed that he would remain an elder for us and explained that this desire of Qalandar Pak(RA) did not imply in any way that people should rise for me. I further asserted, “You are father of my Murshad(RA) and thus are highly respectable for me”. Elder Bukhari Sahib smiled in response and said to me, “You have all the liberty to proceed with the burial as per his(RA) command”.

The morning at 6.30 AM; the spell of rain which began to pour down soon after his(RA) arrival in Islamabad was continuing unabated at the time. The assertion made to Chaudhary Sahsar by him(RA) kept reverberating in the air, “You need not weep, the whole sky would weep, instead”. Nevertheless, myself alongwith Mansha Abbas Bukhari and Raja Majid – a devoted admirer of Qalandar Pak(RA), reached the site of burial. Asking both respected persons to keep following, I stepped forward till I reached a point whereon I could not move my feet any further and I stopped. A voice came through my heart, “It was the place”. I marked that place with a stone and told Mansha Sahib that it was the place where his(RA) grave should be made.

Qalandar Pak(RA) was buried at that very place on the 29th of Zilhaj, 9th of February after Asr Prayers (third of the five daily prayers, offered in the afternoon).

“Khuda rehmat kunad een Ashiqaan e Pak teenat ra”
(in persian)
“O’God, please have mercy on these lovers of clean intention”
Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan(RA)

The Construction of His(RA) Shrine


It would be surprising for all to know that apparently no map or a plan for construction of Shrine was drawn. It so happened that this humble person firmly wished for its construction and sheer intensity of love and dedication of the followers towards Qalandar Pak(RA) made everything possible. Whatever idea that came about through the kind blessings of Qalandar Pak(RA) took its practical shape and today this beautiful and Venerable Shrine stands in front of us epitomizing the splendour and exalted nature of this place. Owing to the sandy nature of soil, it was impossible to have grass and other plants here. As can be seen there today, the existence of lush greenery and other plants bear testimony to the mystical strength of Qalandar Pak(RA). I consider it extremely necessary here to acknowledge the wholehearted and generous financial contributions of all his(RA) devoted followers from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan and Lahore. Intimate service and financial support of Mr Mansha Abbas Bukhari remained a constant feature, throughout. The concerted efforts of Mr Saleem Akhtar – an extremely passionate admirer of Qalandar Pak(RA), played a pivotal role during the execution of work.

Amongst his(RA) devout admirers, Mr Raza (Late) happened to be the first individual who came forward with his financial contribution and remained a part of the project. Whereas other prominent ones included Sameer, Khushal, Waqar, Qaiser Mobeen, Jabbar, Mian Saeed and Syed Shahid; their persistent hard work and day night efforts imprinted everlasting mark of their love and tributes. They all ensured that construction work of the Holy Shrine finished prior to the first Urs Mubarak; as so exactly did it happen.

Urs Mubarak {The Annual Pilgrimage}

Some people openly propound regarding dates of Urs Mubarak, as being an injunction of Qalandar Pak(RA) to hold it on 26th,27th and 28th of Zilhaj. This assertion is utterly wrong, and it bears no truth since his(RA) date of Wissal is the 29th of Zilhaj. Being his(RA) Waris, it was my decision that upon completion of construction work at the Holy Shrine, the first Urs Mubarak was to be celebrated on 27th, 28th and 29th of Zilhaj. In the early years, Urs Mubarak kept falling during the winter season. Later on, summer time began to set in during Urs Mubarak due to lesser number of days (10 days) in a Lunar Calendar. Realising that the temperature had risen enough due to advancing summer season and that it was becoming difficult to look after large number of guests specially under frequent spells of electric load shedding, Mansha Sahib came forward with a proposal to shift Urs Mubarak to the month of February. By this arrangement, continuity of cool weather would be ensured and visiting pilgrims would not confront any complication on this account. The proposal made by Mansha Sahib was highly appropriate and therefore it was decided that henceforth Urs Mubarak of Qalandar Pak(RA) would be held on 6th, 7th and 8th of February each year. Taking into account his(RA) Youm-e-Wissal, first Ghussal Mubarak would be conducted annually on any one day between 26th and 29th of Zilhaj and information to this effect would be shared accordingly. Second Ghussal Mubarak would be conducted on 5th of February after Asr Prayers. Be it known that congregations for Ghussal and Urs Mubarak are being continuously held as per this schedule ever since. Reminiscent of the dignity and grandeur, these photographs that you see here will enable you to gauge the sanctity of events.

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Who is The Waris?

A feeling of uneasiness had set in after the Wissal of Qalandar Pak(RA). More significantly, the followers broke into different groups. The biggest reality was the fact that every individual was just a beneficiary of the blessings of Qalandar Pak(RA) and did not discern the delicacy and elegance of spiritualism. Taking advantage of this weakness, the lurking satanic force tried to incite egos and cause self-rebellion among all the individuals to an extent that a few transmuted themselves to the status and dignity of sainthood under the shelter of Surah Ar-Rehman. This was a crucial moment for me as his(RA) Waris. Through the blessings of Qalandar Pak(RA) alone, I could gather all these people, who were spread out in the entire country and abroad, on a single platform and was able to focus their energies as well as direction towards the blessed companionship of Qalandar Pak(RA). Some continue to spread the message in their individual capacities, though they continue to remain in contact with me, as well. More so, Qalandar Pak(RA) said, “Every person can spread the message, all are allowed, whoever has listened to it need not seek permission from anyone”.

Some people may have reservations on my status as regards his(RA) Waris. But I ask of them as to when they visit the beautiful Shrine of Qalandar Pak(RA) on pilgrimage and to offer their respect, does this point alone not suffice for them that this all has been built by his(RA) Waris? Some people even quote Qalandar Pak(RA) as having said, since Syed Baba holds the power of pen, so therefore for this reason he was the Waris. I ask of them whether they comprehend the implicit and latent message carried by this assertion of Qalandar Pak(RA)? Do they not know what Allah SWT says in The Holy Quran:-

“Nun. By the pen and what they inscribe”
Al-Quran, 68:1

I do know that many newer people may hardly realize true strength of relation and love which abound me and Qalandar Pak(RA). It may be sufficient for all such people to remember that Lord Qalandar(RA) departed on eternal journey from the house of his(RA) Waris. I will give the complete account of those conversations held during that time in a separate part on Qalandar Pak(RA). Wherever he(RA) went, a mention of me was always made by him(RA) and I always requested him not to do so. In my view, it was enough that I loved and adored him(RA). Qalandar Pak(RA) said to my wife, Mrs Asifa Shakir (whom all regard and address as Maa Ji) while visiting my house during the early days of my meeting with him(RA), “Baba has been ordained to visit Islamabad wherein lives a Syed and who happens to be your Waris…. Baba has spotted the Syed”. It is pertinent to highlight here that ‘Waris’ could not be regarded as a ‘Gaddi Nasheen’ {one who is in the lineage and tends to the Shrine – usually hereditary, but not a binding}, he is rather a trustworthy adorer and carrier of love of the glorified and the dignified personality (the Murshad). It is this glorified person of extreme excellence who enlightens him (the Waris) through his blessed gaze, makes him perform whatever task he is destined to be entrusted with and illuminates him with the understanding of reality and truth. Please do remember! Gaddi Nasheen of Qalandar Pak’s(RA) Shrine is his(RA) younger son Mr Farhat Abbas Bukhari, who is most affectionate and dear to all of us too.

During 1998, Qalandar Pak(RA) said in a gathering of many people in the house of Mr Salman Imam (a disciple of Qalandar Pak RA) located in Chaklala (Rawalpindi), “I completed my research on Surah Al-Rehman and transferred it to the heart of Syed Baba”. All in one breath, a lady present there (wife of a senior officer) on the occasion asked me number of questions, “how was it transferred – was it given in writing – or was it transferred to you verbally?” To this, I could only respond with a smile as it was a totally new revelation for me. More so till then, I was impervious to the fact of this matter, myself. Later in the year 2000, I did however manage to get some understanding regarding the implicit aspect of this fact when I did numerous programmes on Surah Al-Rehman on Pakistan Television (PTV – The National TV Network) as Producer. That is how the enlightenment received in the shape of outright FOCUS through the direct blessing of Qalandar Pak(RA) spread in whole of the universe. Qalandar Pak(RA) was so utterly focused with respect to Surah Al-Rehman that he would always be interested in knowing as to whom all were given this message? Who all have listened to it? To what type of patients was it offered? How many people did visit the website? Concerning Website, he(RA) ordered me to create one. I proposed its title as “Mast Mast Healers Present – The Ultimate Remedy” which was highly appreciated by him(RA). Later, having written its content, I got it registered as www.alrehman.com. This website remains to-date a common and frequent reference on the subject wherein any desiring person can download the audio version of recitation of Surah Al-Rehman and its method of listening. Qalandar Pak’s(RA) constant guidance and concern kept invigorating me at every step and all that was made possible is solely owed to his(RA) spiritual enlightenment. He(RA) was able to fulfill the assigned mission in his(RA) lifespan. His(RA) disciples are only expected to spread the message of Surah Al-Rehman. Once during the conversations, few Kazmi Syeds (Syeds of Kazmi descent) who had come to meet Baba(RA) at the residence of Raja Majid, enquired him(RA) as to who held his(RA) worthy ‘Spiritual Standard’? Baba(RA) called out to me and said, “Syed Baba, they are now seeking to enter your jurisdiction”. I said to those Syeds that By ‘Allah, there is no such ability and worthiness in me based on which I am so regarded, rather this is only ‘The Will of Allah Pak’. In the same context, we visited a newspaper office in Islamabad where the owner of that paper Mr Mehtab Ahmed Khan, out of his sheer love kept asking about different things and Qalandar Pak(RA) continually kept responding in his(RA) mystical state of rapture and ecstacy. While a journalist, Mr Tabbasum Shah who was present there and noting down the conversation, Mr Mehtab suddenly enquired, “Baba, who will be your Waris?” Qalandar Pak(RA) spoke with his graceful aloofness, “This one, who is Syed Baba, he is my Waris”. I was shaken on the mere thought that this would appear in tomorrow’s newspapers and the possibility that some people may not like it. So I decided that I would tell the journalist not to publish this part relating to waris as soon as Baba(RA) moves out of the office. At the time of our departure from the office, Qalandar Pak(RA) while passing by that journalist, looked at me smilingly and cautioned him not to publish this part relating to Waris, rest all is fine. He(RA) then turned to me and said, “I hope Syed Baba you are happy now”. Please realize yourself as to how enormously great insight, he(RA) possessed. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, the Lucent (S.A.W.W.) said, “Fear the clear sightedness of true believers, they see through the light bestowed on them by Allah SWT (enlightenment by Allah SWT)”. The sole purpose of my writing so is certainly not to transform any devoted follower into my enthusiast or a disciple, rather the purpose is to bring the reality to fore that whoever and however Allah SWT chooses someone, He SWT blesses him and gets the work out of him. Qalandar Pak(RA) often mentioned about The Will and Blessings of Allah SWT. It is he(RA) who said, “what is visible is actually not there (inwardly) and what’s actually there is not visible (outwardly)”.

And now, the one who was so enlightened by the will and custodial sight of Qalandar Pak(RA), seeks to begin writing An Account of Qalandar Pak(RA), as a benevolence of Qalandar Pak(RA). May Allah Pak help me and grant me the strength to finish this work.

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